Because of the speed of development of new anti-corrosion barrier coatings, we work very closely with all the leading manufacturers ranging from the biggest multi-national to the much smaller very specialized niche companies. Owing to this commitment we are able to offer help and guidance (if required) on the selection of the most appropriate coatings.

HS is currently working with a number of manufacturers in order to explore new areas of development for the use of existing coatings in markets in which they haven't previously been used before. Working closely with manufacturers ensures that we are fully aware of and trained in the correct application of new coatings.

Partner Contractors

HS offer a full range of services in order to provide their clients with a turnkey solution for their projects. Over the years we have developed close working alliances with a handful of specialist partner companies. These companies operate to the same code of conduct to ourselves and offer the highest quality standards and safe working practices.

HS Barrier Coatings - Alliances