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The Company has over 35 years experience in the marine industry offering a comprehensive range of services to shipyards, ship owners and the military. Working closely with paint manufacturers HS have been the first to apply many new coatings, a recent example of this was Hemples Spray guard protective deck screed product of which circa 3000SQM was successfully applied to Ben-my-chree, a number of RFA vessels have also been protected using the same coating.

The marine division offers a full range of services including tank blasting & coating, shot blasting, mechanical surface preparation, deck screeding, antifouling, bilge cleaning and coating, hydro blasting. All of these services are offered around the world and carried out to the client's specification of the client and the standard set by the respective classification societies.

HS has recently completed a major project on the RFA Gold Rover. The work undertaken included surface preparation and cleaning of all areas from stem to stern and orlop to mast head.

Offshore Energy - Oil & Gas/Green Energy

HS offer a comprehensive range of services including specialist access, fire protection, insulation, deck screeding, solvent free barrier coatings, blasting and cleaning. Health and safety and quality are of critical importance when working offshore which is why our general safety procedures have been formulated with this in mind. Our quality standards follow both the ISO and NORSOK standards.

Over the years HS have undertaken work on many installations both alongside and on station. Over the coming months we will be redoubling efforts to gain more of the green energy market. Nuclear energy is a growing market for us and we are in the process of developing working alliances with companies already operational in that market.


HS offer a comprehensive range of services to the water, waste management, railways and other heavy industries. New coatings available facilitate the protection of assets from corrosion for up to 25 years.

Continued development of solvent free coatings and their application has meant it has been possible for the water industry to efficiently prolong the life of existing assets rather than complete replacement.

HS continue to keep up to date with the changes in Industry Standards such as NORSOK, ICAT, RT98 and all other relevant Industry Standards.


Work undertaken on petrochemical sites includes specialist acid resistant coating for bund walls, specialist screeding, pipe insulation and fire protection, tank linings, hydro and grit blasting.

Working closely with manufacturers of specialist barrier coatings we can help work with the clients to ensure the most appropriate product is applied in the most effective way. In conjunction with the coating manufacturers we work closely with the developers of the application equipment. Recent improvements in new equipment have meant that once the correct product mix is entered into the machine it will self regulate and only allow an application at that exact ratio. It will also provide a printout of data that confirms that a coating has been applied to the exact specification required.


HS Barrier Coatings is currently exploring opportunities in the nuclear market.