Specialist Support Service Contractor

HS is a specialist support service contractor who with an innovative approach combined with technical expertise offer a turnkey solution for most projects. On the occasion when we need to bring in other specialist services we only use companies with which we have developed very close working alliances.

Our collective knowledge and expertise allows us to offer a single point of contact to clients covering all aspects of any contract.

Specialist Barrier Coatings

HS work closely with all the major barrier coating manufacturers participating in any one off and bespoke training courses. This allows us not only to keep up to date with new and evolving products but also means that our tradesmen have been trained by the manufacturers themselves in the best methods of application. This gives our clients the satisfaction that they have not only selected the right product but that it has been applied in accordance with the manufacturers own best practices.

Specialist coatings include but are not limited to deck screeds, tank coatings, pipe coatings, marine hull coatings and offshore coatings. All of these coatings are available in both solvent and solvent free forms and have different methods of application, drying times and life expectancies.

Surface Preparation

HS offer the full range of surface preparation from a light clean for a physical inspection to a SA2.5 in a confined space ready for a specialist coating. Specialist equipment is available for any task at hand and the desired surface finish is always achieved.

Fire Protection

HS apply all leading brands of fire protection including Hydro carbon (thick) and Cellulosic (thin) intumescent coating. We also apply vermiculite and gunite coatings.

Specialist Access

We offer a full and comprehensive range of access solutions from innovative scaffolding solutions to rope access. Cherry pickers and scissor lifts are generally used to provide access to alongside and decked structures.


HS offers a range of insulation methods and products.


HS has formed a working alliance with one of the country's leading electrical contractors enabling us to offer this discipline as one of our services.

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